7 Tips for Creating a Productive Home Office in Your Winsford Home

With most of us currently working from home in Winsford, the team at CW Estate Agents were reminiscing this week about those good times not so long ago when we were all in the same office together and how much we loved our respective little corners of the office!

We all agreed that the prized desk position in our office was always the one closest to the window with a clear view of all the comings and goings – and we guess this is a favoured position in most workplaces.

But, as the world continues to shift towards a population that works from home, it’s likely that you now need to switch your focus into creating a productive home office instead. 

So, here are our top 7 tips for enhanced productivity as you settle into your new home office surroundings.

1. Silence is Golden

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a spare room in the house or garden to convert into a beautiful home office. However, to effectively work from home, you will need a dedicated space to concentrate on the tasks ahead. 

Cordoning off a dedicated workspace with little distractions is essential for a productive working day. Ideally position yourself away from the TV and out of view of household chores awaiting your attention, and anything else which may cause your mind to wander.

2. Remember to Take Breaks

No employer would ever expect you to sit glued to your chair for eight hours a day without affording you some respite. To be productive at home, you should treat yourself precisely the same.

Take regular breaks where your work allows it. Grab a coffee, make time for a sandwich, take a comfort break, walk the dog, or simply get your step count up around the house or garden. 

3. Clean and Declutter 

A tidy room is a tidy mind, so imagine how productive you’ll be working from a tidy desk! Declutter your desk, in-trays and surrounding office space ruthlessly..and regularly. 

You need to create a calm home office that sets the right tone for your day. Sitting at a desk free of paperwork, notepads, and empty coffee cups is the first step to guaranteeing a productive working day. 

4. Establish Boundaries

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is other household members not understanding that you are, in fact, working. 

This could be family, housemates or your children. Have some frank conversations and set out clear boundaries for your working hours to avoid constant noise and interruptions.

5. Let the Light in

Working in a room that is light and airy will undoubtedly increase your productivity. 

If possible, position your desk facing a window, which will enable you to reap the rewards of the natural light and give you a decent view too. Sitting with a desk facing the wall can leave you feeling demotivated and lethargic. 

The aim is to increase your mood and efficiency, allowing you to work much more effectively, so any way you can stimulate your brain is beneficial. 

6. Create a Happy Environment

A great benefit to working from home is that you no longer need to surround yourself with bland walls and office furniture. You will likely be spending much of your time in your office space, so make it an inviting place to be. It should be an area of your home you want to be in, not a place of dread! 

Experiment with textures and colours to create a space that you enjoy, and can focus in. 

Your decorating should also be balanced with ergonomics. Investing in an appropriate desk chair will enable you to work comfortably and productively, and it will save your back in the long term. 

7. Productivity is Individual 

Ultimately, the beauty of working from home means you can finally work in a way that makes you tick. 

You might discover that you are most productive when you have rock music playing in the background, or classical notes tinkling through your ears. Maybe you love the company of the family pet by your feet whilst you work away! We are all individuals and work in different ways.

What’s important is that you grab the positives from your home-working situation and create your home office space in a way that brings out your most productive self.

Call the CW Estate Agents team on 07743 532615 or email us at nicola@cwestateagents.co.uk to see how we can help you find your perfect home, with the bonus of office space that supports your productivity!

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