A Guide to Selling Your Home Post-Lockdown

With the property market effectively coming to a halt during the pandemic, it can be confusing to think whether or not now is the right time to put your house on the market. Are people looking to buy at the moment? Will the process be the same as it was pre-Covid? And how can you go about making your home more presentable? All of these questions and concerns may be running through your mind, causing you to stress and ultimately becoming an unwanted burden.

Rather than letting your lack of knowledge get in the way, simply note down some of these top tips put together by our great team at CW Estate Agents! We are here to provide you with all the information and knowledge you could possibly need when coming to sell your home in Cheshire. Even as we navigate these still uncertain times, we can assure you that we have the experience and the know-how to ensure that the sale of your house takes place smoothly and on time.

So what’s first on the agenda?

Improved Photography

While restrictions might now be lifted and we have more freedom out in the open, many of us still don’t want to venture into places where we feel unsafe. This can include house viewings as people don’t want to enter another person’s space in fear of contracting Covid-19. As a result, many potential buyers may be making their judgements on properties solely based on online listings. Therefore, the photographs of your home need to be top quality. This is to help buyers imagine themselves and their families living there.

Good property photography involves house staging and possibly photo editing. Make sure you take the time to present your home and take pictures that encaptures a particular room’s true size and space. Make the prospective buyers feel as if they are there at home.

You could always opt for our professional services instead if you are unsure. With professional photography and a true written representation, we will advertise your property on Rightmove as well as our website and all social media channels to give it as much visibility as possible.

Virtual Viewings

Virtual viewings are also a great way to showcase your home post-lockdown without having people actually show up to your property in person. Top-quality photographs are valuable, yes. But having a walkthrough video of your home will help immerse people in the space. A video presents a realistic view of the house, helping people see it for what it really is. For example, they can get an idea of how far the kitchen is from the living room or how big the master bedroom actually is. 

Rather than relying on measurements and mental picturing to gauge the area of a room, buyers can get a human’s perspective through video. Video walkthroughs and viewings started to grow in popularity before lockdown, but they will now start to become an essential part of selling properties moving forward. It is a much simpler and straightforward way of gaining information on a property. If they want a first-hand experience, this can be a good teaser leading into it.

Clean and Sanitise

Now all lockdowns have been lifted for a while; you can host in-person viewings of your home once again. But you should always be accommodating to potential buyers’ needs and make sure your home is clean and sanitised. Before any person comes to your home, you need to sanitise surfaces with a disinfectant in case they touch anything during their visit. Cleaning after they have left also protects yourself and your family as it kills any germs they may have left behind.

If any potential buyers are vulnerable, they may ask for more than just masks to wear during their visit if you are present. If you have a visor, maybe wear this as well as some extra protection. Trying to remain six feet away from each other is a good idea too. This could be hard, depending on the layout of the space you are in. But try to keep some space between you, the estate agents and potential buyers at all times anyway.

To learn more about the selling services available to you, please call the CW Estate Agents team on 07743 532615 or email us at nicola@cwestateagents.co.uk to see how we can help you find your perfect home, all with the bonus of office space that greatly supports your productivity!

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