The Dos and Don’ts Of Selling Your Home

In a post-lockdown world, you may be confused about what you can do to sell your home. Is the market still the same? What puts a potential buyer off? CW Estate Agents have the knowledge and experience necessary to support the sale of your home without stress or worry. But what exactly are The Dos and Don’ts of Selling Your Home? If this is your first sale, you might not be aware of the dangerous mistakes you could make when preparing your home.

Wonder how long it takes to sell a home in your area? Then this handy tool can tell you how long it takes to sell a home in your chosen location on average. However, at CW Estate Agents, we understand that people want to sell their homes as soon as possible. You may be looking to buy a new house, selling an inheritance home, or moving abroad. Either way, our expert estate agents and property valuers will enable you to find that dream home you’ve been looking for.

Consider these tips to improve the appeal of your home: 

Don’t: Let Your Dog Roam Free

One of the biggest mistakes a person makes when selling their home is letting their dog roam free during house viewings! Cats tend to be relaxed, situated in one place or hiding under the couch if they aren’t a fan of strangers. Pets like hamsters and fish can’t be moved. But dogs, on the other hand, tend to get overly excited by new people. This can distract potential buyers who are there only to view the house and not spend half the time petting your good boy.

Potential buyers might not be keen on dogs either, this potentially putting them off from buying your home. Dogs can misbehave with strangers – barking, growling, jumping up or even urinating on the floor. It’s best to remove them from your home when it is being viewed. Take the dog out for a walk or to the dog park during this time, or ask a family member to care for them. It’s better to prevent incidents from happening than try to deal with them after they occur.

Don’t: Say the Wrong Things

It can be easy to insert yourself in the viewing and provide ‘honest’ comments to potential buyers. However, while you might think you are saying the right things, you don’t have the experience of an estate agent to know how this could have a detrimental effect on your sale. For example, you might have issues with your neighbours. You might think that by telling a potential buyer this fact, you are giving them a friendly warning. But in fact, you can ruin the sale. Either the buyers are put off by the horror stories, or they agree with the neighbours and move onto another property instead.

You can also oversell your property, funnily enough! Always talking about the ‘benefits’ of your home can come across as pushy and put people off your home. For the most part, potential buyers want to view the house with just the estate agents, so consider this as a valid option. The estate agents know what they should and shouldn’t say to make the home as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Your presence there may only deter them.

Do: Fix The Little Things

You might look at your home and think: “They won’t see that corner of peeling paint” or “You can’t even tell the gutter is broken.” However, you can’t go into the process of selling your house without fixing these issues. When people are looking to buy a home, they want to see and know everything about it. Their eyes will be wandering, looking at every nook and cranny on display.

Take the time before putting your house on the market to fix any issues it may have. Scratched floors, marked walls, broken baths and squeaky doors can all leave a lasting negative impact on potential buyers. Just dedicate a few weekends to getting the jobs sorted, so it looks outstanding when it comes to having professional photographs taken of your property for the listing. 

Do: Find An Expert Agent

You can’t sell a home with ease and be stress-free without an experienced agent to support you. CW Estate Agents are experts in selling homes, with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the housing market post-lockdown. So don’t let Covid-19 prevent you from selling your house and moving to a new home. CW Estate Agents will present your home professionally to thousands of potential buyers, carry out viewings and manage the sale completion.

Our services guarantee you feel much more involved in the whole process from start to finish! We pride ourselves on listing properties at the fairest price to give you the best deal possible. Furthermore, our expert knowledge of the CW area will ensure that we assist you every step of the way in finding your dream home without the risk of any hidden fees!

To learn more about the selling services available to you, please call the CW Estate Agents team on 07743 532615 or email us at to see how we can help you find your perfect home, all with the bonus of office space that greatly supports your productivity!

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